Amateur stereo photography

Digital Stereo PhotographyStereos are fun and many people enjoy making their own using film or digital cameras.

The great thing about stereo photography is that anyone with a camera can dabble in it. Whether you have a special stereo camera like a Loreo, Argus or Vivitar, a plain old 2D film camera or even a digital camera, you can use them so long as you learn how.

The easiest way to create stereos is of course to use a stereo camera. If you don�t have one all you need to do is snap two nearly identical shots of the same object/view. The truth though is that is easier said than done and care should be given when taking the shot since you need to hold the lens steady (parallel) and move it approximately 1/30 of the distance to the next object. Precision is the key. Next the film must be processed and then mounted in stereo mounts.

If you wish to digitize your stereos you will need to scan the mounted slides without removing them. This can be problematic but is possible.

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