Early history

StereoscopeStereo photography started as early as the 19th century.

Sir Charles Wheatstone used to reflecting mirror to show that an image can be perceived with depth or in 3D.

By the mid 19th century stereo photography became really popular especially after the invention of the Brewster stereoscope in 1849.

By 1889 the first 3D anaglypic motion picture was created by William Friese-Green.

These 3D anaglypic movies were very popular in the early 20th century and allowed viewers to choose their desired ending � happy or sad. The tragic endings were viewed using glasses with red filters while happy endings were viewed using glasses with green filters.

By 1932, thanks to Edwin H. Land, full color 3D movies became possible due to his invention of the process of making polarized filters. Up to this day polarized glasses are used to view 3D movies.

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